The aim of the Cerberus service is to “Protect you from the Gates of Hades”, the hell that most organisations go through when they discover they have been defrauded. That protection is in the form of programmes and systems that prevent fraud in your organisation rather than the investigation of fraud, and the first question we ask is;

1. How much is your organisation spending on fraud and crime prevention?
2. How much is your organisation spending on fraud and crime investigation?

Remember that once the fraud or financial crime has occurred, the “money is out of the door, usually along with the perpetrator”. The organisation might, a very big might, be able to apprehend the culprit and prosecute. The rate of successful prosecutions in financial crime is normally around 20%. Are you going to get your money back?....highly unlikely.

Fidelity insurance is not the answer……premium rates are astronomical and your good money is going the same way as the money you have lost…”Out of the door”. Cerberus asks the following questions;

1. If “tick box” fraud and crime prevention audits work, why is fraud and financial crime increasing at an alarming rate internationally?
2. Do your employees, your vendors, and your up and down stream stakeholders, know what your policies are around fraud prevention, governance, risk management, ethics, corruption, money laundering.

If you have doubts when you answer these questions, you need Cerberus Risk Consultants in your organisations life to “protect you from the Gates of Hades”