About us - Cerberus Risk Consultants

Cerberus Risk Consultants has been formed to address the problem of fraud and financial crime that is on the increase in society, both in South Africa and internationally.

The general approach to fraud and financial crime problems for many years has been the “tick box’ approach and investigation rather than prevention.

On a recent survey carried out by Cerberus Risk Consultants, it was found that more than 80% of companies surveyed spent in excess of 90% of time and budget on fraud and financial crime investigation and 10% on prevention.

Cerberus Risk Consultants has a two pronged approach to this problem.

Firstly the correct training of staff to prevent both internal and external financial crime attempts through the development of committed people in the organisation who look upon financial crime prevention, not as a “tick box” exercise, but as a culture within the organisation that through proper governance, risk management and ethical practice, the financial crime risk is significantly reduced.

Secondly, Cerberus Risk Consultants is able to offer its clients state of the art technology in financial crime data management, data matching and data visualisation that is real time, on line data. In order to effectively prevent financial crime the available data must be available on line and not in batch format.

Time lost is time wasted and gives fraudsters the opportunity to commit financial crime with impunity.

With more than 40 years’ experience in Cerberus Risk Consultants is well placed to provide its clients with both effective training in human development against fraud and technology to support the fraud prevention programme of any organisation.